Reid came to us from UCSD, San Diego, with a glowing reference from one of my old and dear friends, Larry Marshall. Those of you who know Larry, know that Larry does not mince his words. If Larry doesn’t like someone, then that person knows it and so does everyone else, even if they don’t want to know! So when Larry told me that Reid was a solid doctor with excellent clinical skills, I believed him.

Reid demonstrated a level of commitment never before seen at the Centre. His care and concern for his patients took precedence over all other concerns. His surgical skills were excellent and matched his clinical acumen. True to form, Reid produced more peer-reviewed articles whilst our fellow than any other (…Mike Sughrue doesn’t count! ). Reid returned to UCSD with his beautiful wife where I’m sure he’ll make a huge impact on the US scene and will eventually settle in his home state of Hawaii. We wish him the best of luck….aloha !!

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