Pankaj came to us as one of the finest residents to ever pass through the Barrow Neurological Institute. This was quite an accolade considering the BNI is arguably the most famous and reputable neurosurgical centre in the world. The chairman of the Institute is the inimitable Robert Spetzler, who is undeniably one of the greatest neurosurgeons of this century. If Pankaj’s skills, dedication, professionalism, clinical acumen and compassion are any indication, Robert is also one of the finest teachers of this century. Pankaj did not let Dr Spetzler down.

He was considered the ‘best’ fellow to ever walk the halls of the neurosurgical ward by the nursing staff at the Prince of Wales Private Hospital! His dedication and professionalism were second to none. We were privileged to have Pankaj with us at the Centre and hope that the rest of his career is as illustrious as his time at the Centre and wish him, Paula and his ‘Aussie’ daughter, Layla, all the best for the future

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