Jacky came to us from Yale University, considered one of the most prestigious and reputable universities in the USA. He had been mentored by Prof. Lieping Chen, a world-renowned scientist in the field of immunotherapy and its application to translational oncology. In medicine, there are clinicians and scientists. Clinicians specialise in the clinical care of patients and when they publish, do so on prospective and retrospective clinical trials. Scientists have expertise in molecular and genetic research performed in the lab and when they publish, they do so on scientific theory and non-human experiments. Their knowledge base and language are worlds apart and pure clinicians, like me, often can’t even understand the vernacular of pure scientists. In neurosurgery, there are very few clinician/scientists who are experts in both fields…..Mitch Berger, James Rutka, Kate Drummond and Mike Sughrue come to mind. Having spent 6 months with Jacky, I can honestly say he is a true clinician/scientist. His patient care and surgical skills were exceptional and his wisdom and guidance in assessing worthy research projects for the Charlie Teo Foundation was extraordinary. Furthermore, Jacky is also a balanced human being, with interests outside of medicine in which he also excelled. I’ve never had a fellow cook meals for me and my daughters that were of Michelin hat grade, take photos of Australian landscapes and cityscapes that were of National Geographic grade and demonstrate sartorial elegance of a style usually only seen on the streets of Milan, Paris and New York.

Jacky Yeung is an exceptional and unique individual. He is a well-rounded person and neurosurgeon who will bring excellence and balance to any department that is lucky enough to have him. I have identified “superlatives” for all my past fellows….most intelligent, best technician, most conscientious, most fun etc. The “superlative” I gave Jacky was the fellow I would most like as my son. Good luck in all your future endeavours and make your “Dad” proud.

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