Brian Dlouhy came to us from Iowa City, USA. You will recall that Brian was mentored by one of our previous fellows, Jeremy Greenlee, who was an exceptional neurosurgeon. They say that the best compliment that you can give to someone is imitation. Brian was almost an exact clone of Jeremy. Brian was quiet but when he spoke people would listen. He ran a very tight ship and when he had a clinical dilemma you knew that the problem was serious. Brian didn’t talk the talk….he walked the walk! Throughout the entire 6 months my practice ran so smoothly I thought that I had reached a new level of clinical excellence. I have since discovered that it wasn’t my surgical skills as much as Brian’s diligence and ability to handle any complication or communication issue.

Despite being a hot-blooded, single, handsome (…I am told), young American surgeon, he cast aside his carnal desires for patient responsibilities, often spending entire weekends in the office, reviewing scans from across the globe.
At the end of his fellowship, Brian’s parents came to visit and I had the good fortune of spending time with them over Christmas dinner. It was very obvious where Brian had learnt his life skills of conscientiousness, responsibility, moral integrity and humility. At the risk of offending my good friend, Jeremy, there is another saying that applies to Brian…..the sign of a great teacher is when his pupil outshines him….sorry Jeremy, but you are obviously a great teacher! We wish Brian the best of luck in his new position as a fellow in Pediatric Neurosurgery…our loss is their gain.

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