When Aneela first approached me many years ago to be considered for the fellowship, I had some reservations. I had never taken a female fellow and I was worried that my, often politically incorrect, bantar in the operating room might offend. I often swear and certainly enjoy banal conversation over philosophical “deep and meaningfuls” while concentrating on the surgery. I agreed to take her after speaking with the Chairman of her program in New York, Prof. Charles Hodge (Past President of the Society of University Neurosurgeons), who gave her a glowing reference. I truly believe I have never made such a wise decision.

Aneela was a tremendous asset to our Centre. She was extremely conscientious, talented and compassionate. Furthermore, her engaging personality allowed her to fit into the Centre with total harmony. She is a Muslim from Pakistan, my regular co-surgeon is Jewish and my anesthetist is Indian. The operating room ran as one big happy family….I wish the world would follow suit. We thank Aneela profusely for her diligence, warmth and professionalism AND for being the first female Fellow in Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery at the CMIN, Sydney, Australia. Dr Darbar has taken an Assistant Professor position in St Louis, Missouri, USA, and we wish her the best of luck for what we believe will be a magnificent future.

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