Not surprisingly, picking the best candidate for the Fellowship is difficult and I sometimes find myself struggling to make the definitive decision.

The fellowship program grows in popularity every year, and 2018 was no exception. The short list read like the Who’s Who of neurosurgical residents, and Amit had received glowing references from his attendings, not dissimilar to the other applicants. However, the major difference was that one of his referees was a previous fellow, Dan Guillaume, at the University of Minnesota. Dan was an exceptional neurosurgical fellow, but more importantly, he was an exceptional human being….. any reference from Dan could be trusted.

Neither Dan nor Amit let me down. Amit is an exceptional human being. He is wise beyond his years, compassionate to not only his patients, but to all those who are lucky enough to be touched by his friendship. Amit cares. He cares about his patients, his family, his colleagues and their welfare. He is in constant pursuit of excellence and as such, is an exemplary neurosurgeon. We wish him, his beautiful wife Jamie and his gorgeous kids the best of luck for the future. The neurosurgical care at Bayhealth Kent General Hospital in Delaware has never been better.