The Cancer Council along, with Clinical Neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo are on a quest to raise the profile of this killer cancer by encouraging leading organisations, expert scientists and medical specialists to contribute to ‘banking tumours’ across the nation with the new national fundraising and advocacy group, Brain Cancer Research Advocates.


The new fund aims to raise $700,000 per year over a five year period in order to paying for 6 research nurses across the nation (other than NSW & WA which already exist) as well as for research forums, blood & tissue extraction & collection.


April 24, 2012
One person dies from malignant brain cancer every 8 hours in Australia, but sadly there’s not a lot of research being done to find a cure. Dr Charlie Teo joins the TODAY show to discuss trying to change that


Anh’s Brush With Fame

Anh Do has been delving deep into his subjects’ minds to capture their essence on canvas. Now he has a challenge with the much-admired surgeon Dr Charlie Teo, who has literally been inside thousands of brains Click here to view video

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April 5th saw the launching of Dr Charlie Teo’s book on the “Principles and Practice…

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