Dr Shaun Watson is a senior neurologist at Prince of Wales Public and Private Hospitals. Since 1998 he has had rooms at Prince of Wales Private and since 2000(?) has shared rooms with Prof Charles Teo and his team. Diagnosis and management of patients with vertigo, dizziness and balance disorders (neuro-otology) is his area of particular clinical and research expertise. In the public hospital he runs the Dizziness and Balance Clinic but also sees many dizzy patients in the private rooms. However, he is confident across all areas of clinical neurology in both hospital and private practice and he prides himself on taking a kind, patient and flexible approach and giving patients the time necessary to elucidate their neurological problems. This suits him to managing patients with long and baffling presentations where no clear diagnosis has been reached despite multiple consultations and tests. He has a particular reputation for managing vestibular migraine and mal de debarquement syndrome.

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