Yashar Kalani….please remember the name. Yashar is a genius. He is the kind of person who can read an entire hard-copy textbook on Cancer in one week. A few of you might now be saying, so what? Well, Yashar, unlike the majority of us mortals, can remember every fact in that textbook!! Yashar did an undergraduate degree in stem cell biology before embarking on a career in neurosurgery. He received his PhD from Stanford University and was then accepted at one of the most prestigious neurosurgical centres in the USA, the Barrow Neurological Institute under the guidance of Robert Spetzler.
The 6 months spent with Yashar was most humbling. He is not only a consummate scientist, he is also a caring and compassionate clinician. His enthusiasm was unparalleled and his zest for life outside of neurosurgery was only equalled by his thirst for knowledge. He entertained us, surprised us, taught us and sometimes shocked us……the only fellow to be further on the dark-side than me!

I had the privilege of meeting his beautiful parents, brother and fiancée and it quickly became obvious where Yashar inherited his great human qualities. Yashar embraces life. He then makes life better for all who are lucky enough to be around him. We will miss him dearly and wish him the best of luck in the future. Remember the name!!

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