It has always amazed me how different each fellow has been. They have all excelled at various aspects of being a neurosurgeon…bedside manner, technical skill in the OR, compassion shown to families etc. Mike epitomised the dictum…knowledge is power! Mike excelled at all aspects of neurosurgery, not necessarily because he was born with inherent talents, but because if he didn’t have them, he learnt them. Mike was able to communicate with any person on any subject. He knew every surgical approach, not necessarily because he had performed them, but because he had read and memorised them. He is the consummate intellectual with the ability to disseminate his knowledge to anyone who wishes to learn no matter what their station or level of education and the ability to put into practice what he has studied. Mike endeared himself to all our staff and especially my family and their friends. He has a most engaging sense of humour, a pleasant and even temperament, a passion for neurosurgery and a considerate and kind nature. I believe, if anyone can find the cure for brain cancer, it will be Mike. We wish him the best of luck in his new position as Head of the Brain Cancer Center in Oklahoma City.

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